Om LOMBARD for EXPAT Times : “Om Alone” 01/06/2015 – MAURITIUS

16 July 2015  //  No Comments
unnamed Om Alone – Portrait Of The Model – Businessman – Humanitarian, In Mauritius since 1979, successful and down to Earth Interview for EXPAT Times Mauritius!

Om LOMBARD for ESSENTIELLE Magazine : “Om LOMBARD without Shirt without Trousers without Taboo” 30/5/2015 – Mauritius

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image1 Om LOMBARD for ESSENTIELLE Magazine, get an eyeful of that!
Many Angles - One Man!
Don't miss it, for the most Glamorous Mauritian's Magazine...

Om LOMBARD : Tv Show “Chatterbox by Jerry ” on MBC3 – 03/02/2015 MAURITIUS

4 February 2015  //  1 Comment
unnamed The Chatterbox Tv Show by Jerry with Om LOMBARD, Laydee Haydee and the Diva Laura BEG : Don’t Miss It Guys! Show time! Don’t miss Chatterbox with Om LOMBARD ; – Seriously Fun – Funnily Serious [...]

Om LOMBARD : for Le Défi Quotidien “Fashion Victim?” – 30/01/2015 MAURITIUS

31 January 2015  //  2 Comments
unnamed "Dès qu’on parle de mode, Om Lombard est aux premières loges. Le mannequin et businessman arpente les boutiques du monde entier pour satisfaire ses envies folles."

Om LOMBARD In The Top 10 Most Influential People in MAURITIUS on Social Media in 2014

28 December 2014  //  1 Comment
unnamed We can surely give him the award of the most mature male model in the country. Om has shown to the Mauritians that he has a golden heart as beautiful as his face!

Om LOMBARD : International Shooting in the DESERT of SAHARA – 12/7/2014 ALGERIA

13 July 2014  //  9 Comments
Om Cover Saharian Extraordinary Experience!
When i received a call from Algeria several months back, asking if i could shoot at the Gates of the Sahara Desert, i did not see things straight like they were and most particularly the kind of adventure i was going to embark myself in...
The result, the follow ...

Om LOMBARD : Shooting of ‘ALALILA 2014’ – International Clip of DJ ASSAD – W.WILLIAM – D.AZOR – M.RAMSAMY with Om LOMBARD’s Team “OL69” 10/6/2014 – MAURITIUS

10 June 2014  //  2 Comments
Om ALALILA Cover Exclusive Pics and THE CLIP of ALALILA!
Denis AZOR Summer 1991Tube melt DJ ASSAD, one of the Best DJ from France with the Touch of Willy William?
Surely 2014's BEST SONG of THE YEAR
After Li Tourné 2013 (Om LOMBARD : Shooting of ‘LI TOURNER 2013′ – International Clip of A R ...

Om LOMBARD : Jury’s President of Miss RODRIGUES 2014 – Grande FINALE by Defi Quotidien Mauritius and 7 Magazine Reunion – 6/6/2014 MAURITIUS and REUNION Island

9 June 2014  //  2 Comments
Miss R Cover ol.c Back from Rodrigues, the Grande Finale was a Big Success and the Winner is…..
Read Full Articles from Défi Quotidien and The OFFICIAL Magazine of Miss REUNION, 7 Magazine with Om LOMBARD's Exclusive pics!

Om LOMBARD : PROMO TV of Miss RODRIGUES 2014 on TELE KREOL – 15/5/2014 REUNION Island

15 May 2014  //  1 Comment
Om LOMBARD by Sir jee Om LOMBARD Promo Tour for Miss RODRIGUES BEAUTY PAGEANT 2014 - TV interview for TELE KREOL REUNION Island

Om LOMBARD for Week-End Mauritius : “Om LOMBARD encadre les Miss” – Miss RODRIGUES 2014 – 10/5/2014 MAURITIUS

12 May 2014  //  1 Comment
Om Miss R Pirogue C Après Miss TAMIL MAURITIUS 5116, Monsieur Om Lombard sera encore une fois le Président du Jury, chargé de la communication presse, et encadrera les dix finalistes de Miss RODRIGUES BEAUTY PAGEANT 2014 le 31 mai prochain sur l'Ile Rodrigues.

Om LOMBARD Jury’s President of Miss RODRIGUES 2014 : Promo TV at MTPA during OFFICIAL LAUNCHING of Miss REUNION on MAURICE-INFO.MU – 7/5/2014 MAURITIUS

9 May 2014  //  2 Comments
Om Cover Info Om LOMBARD, Press Conference for Miss RODRIGUES during Mauritian Launching of Miss REUNION at MTAP Mauritius for

Om LOMBARD Shooting for International Photographer E-MAX Productions : Kaleidoscope 2013/2014 – 18/4/2014 MAURITIUS

16 April 2014  //  6 Comments
Om F Cover Final ol When Om LOMBARD the Model meet E-MAX the Photographer for an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN, when they are passionate, when they like challenge…. A PROFESSIONAL SHOT turning a KaleiDoscope!